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Pro Yellow Laser, Laser Treatment Johor Bahru

What is a Pro Yellow Laser treatment?

The German-engineered Quadrostar ProYellow Laser is an improved version of the commonly used DualYellow/Combination laser at some clinics. Due to its special wavelength of 577nm, the ProYellow laser represents the gold standard for vascular treatments and epidermal pigmentation treatments.

The Quadrostar ProYellow Laser has been a huge hit since its introduction due to its ability to target both pigmentation and underlying vessels for long-lasting results.

The Pro Yellow Difference

The main differences between the Pro Yellow and other skin rejuvenation lasers has to do with wavelength and the available pulse duration adjustments of each desired wavelength. In other words, different laser wavelengths (colors of light) target different skin issues, providing the physician can match the proper wavelength with the proper pulse durations to achieve the desired clinical endpoint without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Traditionally, the most commonly used laser wavelength for the treatment of pigmented lesions (such as sun spots & age spots) and vascular lesions (or unsightly veins) has been the 532nm laser, or green laser light.

Green lasers provide very good results in skin types I to III, but 532nm is no longer the ideal wavelength (or color) for targeting vascular lesions for skin types 1-IV.
Pro Yellow Laser, Laser Treatment Johor Bahru

Color Matters

The ideal wavelength is 577nm, or yellow light and until the North American debut in 2014, a pure yellow laser of sufficient power for skin rejuvenation was not available. That is until the debut of the QuadroStar ProYellow laser, the industry’s first 577nm pure yellow laser for skin rejuvenation.

The Pro Yellow wavelength (577nm) provides the best absorption when treating blood vessels. Compared to the standard green wavelength (532nm), the yellow wavelength is able to produce 40% higher absorption in blood. This translates to less required power during treatment, which in turn provides a number of significant advantages, including:

    • Minimal risk of side effects, such as burns or pigmentation change
    • Ability to treat vascular lesions at much lower power than 532nm lasers
    • Ability to safely treat darker skin types, which is not typical for 532nm lasers
    • Ability to provide fractional laser scanning for rejuvenation on skin types I to V
    • Ability to provide fractional laser scanning for rosacea on skin types I and up
    • Ability to safely treat vascular lesions on skin types I to IV
    • Ability to simultaneously treat both the VEGF and mid to epidermal melasma
    • Ability to safely treat pigmented lesions up to skin type V
Pro Yellow Laser, Laser Treatment Johor Bahru

Pigmentation & Skin Rejuvenation

The ProYellow laser is the first laser that offers two options for treating pigmentation and skin rejuvenation. The scanner handpiece for larger areas and more diffused pigmentation, and the individual spot handpiece for targeted lesions/spots.

  • Pigmentation such as melasma, sun/age spots, freckles – Due to its unique wavelength, the energy from the ProYellow laser is absorbed by both melanin (pigments) and the underlying blood vessels. This results in breakdown of pigments and at the same time, reduces the blood supply to the skin cells that produce these pigments. This will prevent these skin cells from producing pigments and ensure longer-lasting results.
  • Skin rejuvenation – Apart from reducing redness and pigmentation, the ProYellow laser’s energy is also absorbed into the dermis (skin layer) to treat and improve the skin’s support structure. Skin will look brighter and feel tighter with just 1 treatment.


The yellow light energy from the ProYellow laser treats acne caused by P.acne bacteria by killing these bacteria, and at the same time reduces redness caused by inflammation. The ProYellow laser also shrink sebaceous glands that produce sebum (oil).

A Wide Variety of Treatment Options

  • melasma/brown spots
  • fractionated rejuvenation/antiaging
  • benign moles
  • cherry angioma (red spots)
  • couperosis/telangiectasias
  • hemangioma
  • lentigines/sun spots
  • poikiloderma of civatte
  • port wine stains (vascular birthmarks)
  • erythema post-acne
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • pyogenic granuloma
  • rosacea (diffuse facial redness)
  • scar revision
  • sebaceous hyperplasia (dilated oil glands)
  • seborrheic keratosis
  • skin tags
  • spider nevus
  • spider angioma
  • venous lake (blue spots)
  • verruca vulgaris (warts)
  • wrinkles
  • xanthelasma (cholesterol deposits on skin)
Pro Yellow Laser, Laser Treatment Johor Bahru


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